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Thursday, September 26, 2013

I can't do this all

I can't do this all on my own coz m no m no m no superman!!!

Just thought I should write this!! For no apparent reason at all!! Well keep guessing there are reasons!!

Enjoy the start of the thought of a great weekend ahead

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Well been a long time

It's been sincerely a long time since I last came here and visited.

I thought it would be a good time to restart this blog again.

I m a screwed up banker now, in a place which I have no idea about, with responsibilities which I m fear to uphold.

All this year has been very eventful in the fact that I have been able to get settled in my job and many other things, which i would be disclosing in this post or the posts that follow.

First things first, the job, for a change, I thought that there is a job which I could be doing all my life. Yes I do intend to be a career banker, I m starting to somewhat love the banking sector, even though I m into retail banking. 

All the jobs that I have done, I have loved and enjoyed each one of them to the hilt. I have also regretted quitting each one of them at a later stage and I have always rued the next job which I have managed to jump into. But then here for a change, I m starting to like this job of being a banker.

My sudden passionate love for this job could be due to the fact that this was my last real chance at having a secure job!!! (I m not sure whether its a right term to use or not SECURE JOB :)) or it could be the fact that I was at a point in time during the last few months in a very strong and committed relationship with a REAL PASSIONATE GIRL(more on her and a full dedicated post for that one is the least I could do for her for all that I couldnt do for her!!).

Life moves on, I have come to know and learn. Years pass by and time flies, in no time, each one of us will be as old as one can get and on the verge of our life's end. 

Till that time comes, we should be living life in a way as modest as we can!!.....

For the time being I m here in Rae Barelli, putting up a strong face amongst a hard time and trying to pull my life together after a few pitfalls.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Annuragavillochagan Ayi!!...nice song...

Its just a courtesy post.
m in India, for all those who r tracking or care to track me (there shouldnt be many on that front!!)..
Should be giving some good news in all this days of despair and pain!!..(well will surely write about it all in a very new post!!)
Anyways I was listening to this song from a malayalam movie called NeelaThamara (Anuragavilochagan ayyii)....a seriously mind provoking song, very sweet, very thoughtful and upteemly melodious to the ears.
As a matter of fact, the movie is being shown on Surya TV tomorrow (Sunday, 23rd Jan,2o11) @ 4.00 pm. Havnt got much hopes on the movie being good from what I heard from people. But will give a try!!...
Do try to listen the song, its truly melodious...
trying hard to cheer.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Blood Diamond!!

its been long..and it has to be long.
the real reason for this post is that i finally watched blood diamond, a movie par excellence and worth watching more than once..
being in africa (well m out of it now :(..)...i have been able to connect to the movie....the suffering and the war, the struggle, the way of living, the whores, the diamonds, the beer absolutely everything....

in short i have loved the movie, for the first time i m not regretting paying 89rs for the english movie and entertainment package on sun direct (digital cable service).....hope to watch more thought provoking movies on WB etc.!!!

in other things, m here right now in Ahd, doing whatever i want (that was rather what I was doing in UG as well).
will update more later!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Who will cry when u (or it shud be I) die??...
effectively it shud had been the title of the post.
but then it doesnt matter as when u die, u dont blog...
neways i have been near death many times in the past few months.....today is the lowest i feel and the most depressed..have been let down by every one, i m with anyone whom i cud call a friend.
M feeling more helpless than i was when i first came here 4 years back. At tat time as well I dint have any friends, and so its the same now..
where does the dieing bit come from.
well it comes from the fact that my life, future, career, everything i was and m in love with has been screwed beyond recognition. I feel that prostitute who encountered Bidandi Ssali during his election rally..lolz..
I can even laugh in all this adversities...but then the laugh is just short lived as i know is my sweet little life...
good day life and like...i loved you very well, but dont know till when will you be around with me for that enjoyment...

trying to cheer..
music: it was a fusion of African Music from all round Africa, but now its Arabic beats on TOUCH FM.....I LOVE U TOUCH!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

BHH and people u meet at BHHs!!

Ok. now its confirm, the shout has gone one to a whimper and the commitment to blog has waned.
The individuality and the creativity is at an all time low of 10% (10% of what..i donno, so dont ask me)...

I thought I shud be blogging today, jst to make it clear that I would be coming to BHH, wherever it is to happen, whatever time it is to happen. This post has to be dedicated to the BHH phenomenon.

Just a few minutes back, I read this article about the people you meet at a Bloggers/tweeterers meet!!.....and laugh at it as it is too correct to be correct.... I think we also meet such kind of people.

Kindly go through the list, as I dont think replicating it here would be quite a justice to the author..

And the rest of the posts are also hillarious...
I hope I would be able to find someone at the BHH today, as I have been skipping the Meets all through the last 3 months..

If anyone reads this and knows that the MEET has been shifted some other place than Mateos, then Please sms me (0712665461, if u got UTL then good going, smses are free... ha i know bad joke!!, but then pardon me as I mentioned about my creativity at the max lowest!!)....

Anyways, happy blogging...guys

Saturday, January 30, 2010

This has to reach the ears of people!!....a law attrocity!!

Hi guys,
This post was not actually planned, but some extraordinary events yesterday caused me to pull up my socks, jumpers, vests and everything that is mine and write this post.

There is a warning though, please forgive the FOUL and EXPLICIT language that I m due to use in this post. The mental state was/is such that I have to use those foul words.

It all starts in the evening around 9.30 pm, we (me and my roomie) have our dinner and as usual move out for our usual evening quota of walks and rest outside our premises in the open. It is all well as we walk for a while and then exhausted we sit nearby for a few minutes. Its all good till now.

In comes the trouble, a group of 6 police guys come around (yeah they r the trouble, not some thieves or robbers, who robbed me on the highway!!), and to them we look as we were a threat equivalent to ALQAEDA or LASKAR -E -TAIBA. If they had asked us to just walk off and go home keeping in mind our safety as it was dangerous to lurk around town, then I wont had any problem.

But the problem came when the M*****F***** constable, yeah he was a bloody constable says to me that I am an IDLER..Fuck me, did I seriously look like an idler, was i littering there and posing as a harm to the law of the land. There are so many mulaloos moving around the area near my house sitting and boozing, smoking ganja and stuff. Our MF constable couldnt find any of them and we, as a decent citizen of Uganda, law abiding, hefty tax payers, working lawfully in all spectrums of life here in UG are caught and termed as idlers.

I just cant term how much I felt bad. If I had done a faulty thing, I would had been fair enough to jst move along with law, pay whatever fine I would had been demanded from. M saying this because I have had experiences with UG law previously also. I was caught once by KCC for briefly driving on the pavement (again under extraordinary circumstances, I was driving, but yeah I agree I was wrong in doing so) and I was thoroughly harrassed by them as well, but then I paid the full amount of fine they asked for, as I had committed a mistake and I wanted to regret it. But here it was not the case.

Ok, so I have been termed an anti-social, now they cant arrest me or anything, so this guy asks me to walk along with them for patrolling the area. As if its written on my face that I am an IDIOT, I denied to do that saying I need to work tomorrow and need to sleep. To this, the assistant MF constable answers that it is my duty also as a Ugandan to patrol the street, WTF, then why are you MF paid for (watever paltry thing he earns, I say that because no one will go around asking an expat for money unless you are like being paid peanuts, which self-respecting person would ask for money at at this unholy hour unless you a WHORE prying the streets of Kampala.).

The hilarity of this grim incident went even further, when I tried to call our guardian out here, so that he as a Mzee could put some brains into this guys ( i want to give numerous great sounding adjectives to this constables, but my conservative upbringing is stopping me from doing it). So at the time of making the phone call, he asks me if I am calling for the REBELS, so fight him or that if I was calling Gen Kayihura to fire him. At that moment I seriously hoped that I had General's no. so that i could jst call him and he could bash up this guys up..and screw this guys up!! And regarding the rebels, well this guys dont know what rebels are, come to India, (if they can afford it or may be if they want at my expense for an educational trip), I would surely be pleasured to show how rebels fight, they are terribly brutal. Jst two days back I read about an incidence, where in the inskirts of a rebel infected area, a local cop was beaten and killed (mutaliated wud be a more appropriate term), that even his family members said that the body dint look even like a human body.


Readers, I know I have been too much in writing all this stuff, but let me ask you one thing, arent there enough criminals out there in the streets of Kampala for this guys to patrol upon rather than come onto us useless mortals who are jst outside our houses doing nothing more than taking a walk.

Anyways, I know that every cop or security guy is not like the above mentioned ones, and I do respect them with my whole heart, as they take much pains in guarding us, our localities, our country and they lose sleep so that we can sleep peacefully (well yeah more often than NOT)....
but then there are few like the above, who just dont seem to get on mind what is reasonable.

Guys, just put me out if I am wrong somewhere and please forgive me if I wrote something unholy or unreasonable, but then its the heart speaking out as I dont expect or deserve such a treatment from a public servant, whom we as citizens of the country pay and who are more or less the SERVANTS OF THE PUBLIC, and I take the liberty of deeming myself as a citizen of this country where I have spent some very valuable years of my life.

Hoping to cheer up the weekend with some ON THE ROCKS WHISKEY (yeah i broke my resolution of not boozing and kickstarted it, but then I lasted the most in my group in maintaining the resolution!!).

happy weekend

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